bond street windows
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67 -71 New Bond Street
This major site-specific work on a 50 metre section of New Bond Street, London, brings together four UK based artists who are creating new and genre-defining work.

Left to right:
Isamaya Ffrench (make-up artist)
Robi Rodriguez (fashion photographer)
Teresa Georgallis / Universal Assembly Unit (textile designer / space animation)
Jin Eui Kim (ceramicist)

The installation will be on display until late 2015.

The project was curated, designed and produced by Foxall Studio
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isamaya ffrench
isamaya ffrench
Using the installation as a window onto future beauty trends, Isamaya placed her face on the glass of a flatbed scanner to create images that provoke thoughts on the history and future of decorating the face and body.

Isamaya Ffrench

is a makeup and interdisciplinary artist whose clients include Liberty of London, Galeries Lafayette, Vogue Italia, Moncler, i-D, V Magazine, POP, Nick Knight, David Sims and Kanye West. She is beauty editor of i-D Magazine.

Visit Isamaya’s Instagram

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robi rodriguez
These stills are taken on the set of Robi’s recent film for Dazed & Confused. While showcasing the latest fashion collections the images propel us into the future by parodying outdated versions of working environments, technology and sexism.

Robi Rodriguez

is the fashion photographers’ fashion photographer. Initially studying film in LA he now shoots for a who’s who list of fashion forward publishers and brands. The aesthetics and narratives in his work are stripped of cliché, resulting in extremely memorable and engaging imagery.

Watch the full film on Dazed Digital

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The interactive textile
teresa georgallis & universal assembly unit
This collaborative project brings together a woven textile designer with a digital media studio to explore a new visual language between textiles and 3D interactive environments.

Teresa Georgallis

is a textile designer that specialises in woven fabric for fashion and interiors. Her practice focuses on converting sound into textile. Universal Assembly Unit (UAU) are Samantha Lee and Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu. They are trained architects who have built their studio’s practice around exploring digital narrative and animation.



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jin eui kim
Jin’s ceramic work investigates the visual abstraction of ceramic 3D forms. This installation takes the representation back to two-dimensions but adds a scale to the work that has not been seen before. Jin’s work is driven by the viewer’s physical position and attention span, making this installation a natural progression for him.

Jin Eui Kim

is a Ceramic artist, based in Cardiff, UK. He graduated from Cardiff School of Art and Design with a MA and PhD in Ceramics, during which he studied the illusory effects of application of tonal bands to various ceramic volumes. Jin’s focus on such a constant line of enquiry has resulted in a body of work that has a great depth and longevity.

Watch the video via

isamaya ffrench isamaya ffrench
robi rodriguez robi rodriguez
teresa georgallis & universal assembly unit teresa georgallis & universal assembly unit
isamaya ffrench
robi rodriguez
teresa georgallis & universal assembly unit
jin eui kim